New FloraLife® Shield Improves Flower Quality & Consistency

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New FloraLife® Shield Postharvest Treatment Improves
Quality and Consistency of Flowers Throughout the Supply Chain. This innovative new postharvest treatment protects flowers from the negative elements in the environment, ensuring better quality flowers reach consumers.

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Roses and the Retailer: Key to Valentine Success!

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We have said it before, the road from the rose farm to the retail shop is long.  At Valentine’s Day, the road can be even longer. You, as the retailer, have a certain number of tools in your bag to help deliver optimal rose enjoyment. So how do you leverage Valentine’s rose quality at the retail level? That’s the topic of the latest FloraLife article in LivRio, “Everything is Coming Up Roses!”

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More Valentine’s Care & Handling Tips!

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It’s a Valentine’s Day flower truth that bears repeating: the long and bumpy road from farm to home can get longer and bumpier this time of year as the supply chain scrambles to meet demand. So the typical care and handling steps you apply to your roses are that much more important! That’s the gist of our latest article for Floriology, the aptly named “Valentine’s Day Rose Care and Handling.”

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