Managing Customer Expectations

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The title of this week’s journalistic journey, “Variety Knowledge, Realistic Expectations” is a bit like a math equation with a missing variable, i.e., “Your Knowledge + X = Realistic Expectations.” What’s missing? That’s right, customer education. This dilemma was the topic of a recent piece Floralife® wrote for our friends at Floriology.  

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Heliconias: Dramatic Beauty that Lasts!

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Once in a while, floral professionals and enthusiasts tire of delicate petals of pretty pastel; they yearn for the different and the dramatic. Heliconia answers that call! With a bold look that many mistake for its cousin, the Bird of Paradise, Heliconias share many of the Bird’s unique care and handling requirements. Those requirements are the topic of a recent article Floralife® wrote for LivRio entitled “Forever Young, Forever Beautiful.”

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Going ‘Greens’ at Christmas

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christmas greens

Whether it’s your mom’s turkey or your Christmas floral arrangements, nobody likes DRY. While Floralife® can’t help you with your culinary conundrums, we CAN help when it comes to Holiday Hydration, specifically for the season’s hottest accessory: Christmas evergreens. That’s the topic of our latest piece for Florists’ Review: Caring for Christmas Greens.  

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