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Floralife and Floriology Team Up for National Rose Month

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national rose month

June is National Rose Month in America. In fact, America’s love affair with the rose goes all the way back to the Father of Our Country (and prolific rose breeder), George Washington. George bred and developed a variety named for his mother that we still enjoy today! Roses are popular all year round, but June – prime wedding season – is where we come to celebrate this timeless, versatile beauty.

To mark the occasion of National Rose Month, Floralife and the Floriology Institute have teamed up to bring you rose care and handling tips in the May issue of Floriology, entitled, “A Rose by Any Other Name.”

There is no argument, roses are hands down the “it” flower.  The rose is, throughout history, the most widely recognized and celebrated flower.  Across a broad spectrum of mediums you will find roses on display, a fantastic feast for the senses.  And the common theme in this multitude of appearances you ask?  Love and romance, of course!  The rose is not only beautiful, but also versatile.  Roses can be used in literally any type of design, from classic to contemporary, there is nowhere roses can’t shine.  A mind boggling number of vibrant colors, sizes, and shapes, there are so many commercially grown varieties available in the market that it’s safe to say the stunning designs that can be created using roses will continue to leave us breathless until the end of time. 

national rose month

In the article, Floralife discusses some common defects of roses, such as ethylene sensitivity and premature bent neck. We also offer care and handling recommendations, such as stem cutting, sanitation and flower food tips.

It’s a timely and informative piece, so check it out today. And if you would like to celebrate National Rose Month further, check out some great rose research and product information, including care and handling products like Rose 100 and no-cut Express Technology, visit the Floralife website!

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