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Flower Food: Clear or Non-clear?

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Mixing flower food in a busy shop is just one of your many tasks; other than dosing, you may not give it much thought. Until you look in the vase and see that…white stuff in the water. Last time the water was clear – did I make a mistake? Well, friends, as Floralife® tells you in our latest article for Floriology, clear and non-clear flower food are two different products for different applications – and they both work!

flower food clear vs non-clear

Flower Food WORKS

Flower food is a good thing. When you use it properly you know that your flowers will last longer.  If you’ve tested this theory, you know it to be a fact.  So, what is the deal with clear versus non-clear?  The good news is that both work well and with equal efficacy.  Clear and non-clear will both lower the pH level of the water, nourish flowers, and provide optimal vase life.

flower food clear vs non-clear

Don’t Fear the Flocculant!

So, what’s the difference?  Clear flower food uses an acidifier that results in a clear vase solution.  Non-clear flower food uses an acidifier that results in a flocculant. The flocculant appears as a white powder that settles to the bottom of the vase. These loose particles help reduce the pH of the solution and keep the water fresh. If you want a clean, crisp vase with no residue, clear is the way to go. However, if you process your flowers in black buckets, then it does not matter. Both formulas work in all water types; however, clear may benefit flowers treated with hard water.

flower food clear vs non-clear

The Right Product for the Right Application

Our recommendation?  Always follow best practices when it comes to care and handling, and always use flower food. If you’re having a hard time deciding between clear and non-clear, contact your Floralife® sales representative for samples and more information. And check out this fun animated video on YouTube.

flower food clear vs non-clear
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