Anemone: Daughter of the Wind

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The Anemone is a delicate beauty with a tragic origin. Legend says that Aphrodite’s mortal lover, Adonis, was killed by a wild boar. Her tears mixed with his blood and there, the anemone emerged. If you are going strictly by traditional flower protocol, Anemone – with its sad backstory – tends to symbolize heartbreak. So, let’s keep it light and concentrate on the Anemone’s beauty and how to maintain it, shall we? That’s the focus of the latest Floralife® article for LivRio: Anemones: The Wind Flowers

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Finding Floral Fragrance

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It’s common knowledge in our industry that floral fragrance has often been bred out of flowers in favor of more vibrant color, greater variety and longer vase life. But what if we could have it all? That’s the question as Floralife® teams up with FloraScentials to bring the fragrance back!

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Home Remedies No, Flower Food Yes!

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Home remedies… no matter what chore you’re doing around the house, somebody’s grandmother had a secret family recipe for doing it faster and better.  This includes cut flower care; we’ve all heard of one or more home remedies to make flowers last longer, usually something you add to the vase water. But we have to ask – and no offense to granny – do these really work? For answers, we turn to the latest Floralife® piece for Floriology: “Homemade Remedies: No Substitute for Flower Food.”

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