Lisianthus Care and Handling

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There’s a bit of mystery surrounding the origins of the lovely Lisianthus. Where did it come from? To which genus does it truly belong? We’ll leave floral forensics to the experts; what’s NOT up for debate is the delicate, long-lasting beauty Lisianthus brings to floral arrangements everywhere. That’s the topic of the latest Floralife® article for LivRio entitled “Lisianthus: A Piece of the Prairie Indoors!”  

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Flower Food: Clear or Non-clear?

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Mixing flower food in a busy shop is just one of your many tasks; other than dosing, you may not give it much thought. Until you look in the vase and see that…white stuff in the water. Last time the water was clear – did I make a mistake? Well, friends, as Floralife® tells you in our latest article for Floriology, clear and non-clear flower food are two different products for different applications – and they both work!

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Consumer Education Equals Credibility and Trust!

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Consumer education is a concept that often gets neglected at the beginning of the buying process. At a time when the potential customer needs answers and guidance, many retailers hit them over the head with the hard sell.  That’s the too-familiar situation Floralife® discusses in a recent article for Florists’ Review entitled “Consumer Education: Establishing Credibility, Earning Trust.”

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Birds of Paradise Bring the Drama!

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Birds of Paradise often come to mind whenever floral pros or enthusiasts are in the mood for “something different.” Hopefully, they aren’t SO different that their care and handling needs are foreign to you! But, if that’s the case, Floralife® invites you to check out an article we wrote for LivRio entitled “Birds of Paradise: Beauty and Drama Take Flight!”

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Flowering Branches: Something Different this Spring

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What makes spring flowering branches an interesting wedding alternative? A touch of the unexpected! “As another spring wedding season dawns, floral designers everywhere look forward to doing a brisk business and perhaps even stretching their creative muscles. And, like any entrepreneur, they also hope to stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves from their competition.”

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