More Valentine’s Care & Handling Tips!

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It’s a Valentine’s Day flower truth that bears repeating: the long and bumpy road from farm to home can get longer and bumpier this time of year as the supply chain scrambles to meet demand. So the typical care and handling steps you apply to your roses are that much more important! That’s the gist of our latest article for Floriology, the aptly named “Valentine’s Day Rose Care and Handling.”

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Valentine’s Day Flowers that Impress!

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A satisfying Valentine’s Day flower experience depends on the care and handling you provide before, during, and after the time those blooms spend in your shop – with “your shop” being the linchpin of the entire enterprise! The influence you have on your suppliers, the care that you provide your flowers, and the guidance and education you offer your customers go a LONG way toward delivering a positive and “Lasting Impression.” This is the subject of FloraLife’s latest for Florist’s Review!

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Hypericum Casts a Spell!

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Hypericum has grown in popularity as a non-traditional accent flower. In its berry form, it definitely adds a Christmas-y touch to floral arrangements during the holiday season, but is generally available (and popular!) year-round. Hypericum’s impact, however, goes beyond mere dramatic flair; for centuries it has been renowned for its healing powers in scientific AND superstitious circles. That’s the journey FloraLife and LivRio take in our latest piece, “Hypericum: The Spiritual Protector.”

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Managing Customer Expectations

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The title of this week’s journalistic journey, “Variety Knowledge, Realistic Expectations” is a bit like a math equation with a missing variable, i.e., “Your Knowledge + X = Realistic Expectations.” What’s missing? That’s right, customer education. This dilemma was the topic of a recent piece Floralife® wrote for our friends at Floriology.  

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