Obey the Cold Chain!

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An ode to the Cold Chain… “In recent years, the floral supply and distribution chain has grown ever longer. Flowers come from greater distances than ever before to reach the retailer and the consumer. Despite these distances, the overwhelming majority of flowers tend to arrive healthy and vibrant, with plenty of vase life remaining.” What is the formula for success?

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Mother’s Day Success Secrets 2019

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“Mother’s Day: For those new to the holiday, new to your neighborhood, or simply looking for a change, it’s a time for first impressions. In this business consumers are eager to form relationships with trusted vendors. So the Big Day is an opportunity to earn your sliver of $23 billion in the days leading up to May 12th*, AND make lasting impressions that lead to repeat business!”

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Hydration How-to from Floralife®!

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hydrationHydration… what could be simpler? Of all your many responsibilities around the shop, this one seems pretty straightforward. Well, there’s actually a lot to know about hydration, and the ways that proper hydration can give your flowers a big leg up as they continue their journey to your customer’s home. That’s the takeaway from a recent article Floralife® penned for our friends at Floriology!

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