Red Roses at Christmas? 

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Red roses at Christmas… it seems such a natural fit. Red roses are popular anyway, and everything ELSE seems to be red at Christmas, so let’s pop into the florist’s and buy an arrangement for the dinner table! But you soon discover that, in North America, red roses at Christmas are as rare as legitimate Santa Claus sightings. In your frustration, you may say things that land you on the Naughty List. So, as a public service, Floralife and Florists’ Review present the informative holiday piece, “’Tis the Season.”

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Fall Flowers: Inspired by Nature

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Fall flowers take their inspiration from nature, at a time of year when summer’s humid grip is broken and winter’s gloom is still over the horizon. And that natural beauty is all around us! So why not capture that inspiration in your floral designs? This question is asked and answered in the latest Floralife article for Floriology: “Fall Care & Handling Tips.”

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Flower Food Dosing Done Right!

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Flower food dosing is a critical – yet sometimes overlooked – aspect of maintaining the vitality of cut flowers.  Not enough flower food in your vase solution is ineffective. Too much is…too much and can cause damage to your flowers. The importance of striking a dosing balance, and how to do it, is the topic of a recent Floralife® article in Floriology: “Flower Food: A Dosing Discourse.”

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Common Flower Problems: Prevention is Key

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Flower problems caused by disease, growing conditions, or handling are a profit killer! In the floral industry, you need a full complement of flowers in the best condition possible; flowers with diseases can ruin your business quickly! Recognizing and avoiding common flower maladies is the subject of the latest FLORALIFE® article in Canadian Florist entitled, aptly enough, “Preventing Common Flower Problems.”  

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