Ethylene and the Apple Test

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apple ethyleneHave you heard of Floralife’s apple test? It’s an experiment that illustrates the harmful effects that ethylene perpetrates on helpless cut flowers and flowering potted plants. It also illustrates the effectiveness of ethylene inhibiting products such as our EthylBloc™ Technology. So put on your lab coat and let’s take a look!

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Know Your Finishing Spray

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spraysFloralife offers three high-quality finishing sprays for the floral professional. Of course, when there are three of anything, it can sometimes be unclear as to which finishing spray to use when. Or, you may assume that one product will do the job in any situation. So, let’s unlock the mystery together, shall we?

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Floralife Professional Services

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flo prof servsIt seems like every company with a sales force says, “We aren’t just salesmen…we’re CONSULTANTS.” Well, here is an example of that phrase being 100% true. Floralife representatives definitely want you to buy our flower food, but they also offer a long list of consultative professional services to help grow your floral business.

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June Focus: Wedding Flowers

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brideJune has arrived. This means wedding season is upon us, and with it comes the demand for wedding flowers! Some say that the “June Bride” tradition is evolving, with weddings spreading out more evenly over the entire summer. However you slice it, there will be a lot of money changing hands for wedding flowers in 2015. But how much money?

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Start Your Own Floral Business?

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open signAs we said last time, florists are happy people. And many people dream of owning their own business. So why not open a floral business? What does it take? Whether you are a flower enthusiast looking to “go pro”, a floral business employee looking to go out on your own, or an entrepreneur looking for an investment, here are some numbers to help clarify the picture.

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