Floralife Connections Link the Industry

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Across the flower chain there are growers, transporters and retailers who would like grow their knowledge, make new contacts and explore new opportunities. The same goes for floral executives, researchers and suppliers, as well. If only there was a program to help foster floral industry connections. Well, there is. It’s called Floralife Connections.

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Social Media for Floral Pros

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socialmediaSomeone recently pointed out that Floralife (and Oasis!) had popped up in a conversation among floral professionals on LinkedIn. Just in case you don’t know, LinkedIn is a social media outlet like Facebook, but generally thought to be “more professional” in nature. And it sparked a question: are floral pros using social media to their best advantage?   Read more

Hydrangeas and Hydration

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hydrangea hydrationResearch is one of our chief missions at Floralife. Which postharvest methods, practices, flower foods and treatments REALLY work? Which ones are just timeworn habits without much scientific value? We test various treatments on a variety of flowers, always looking to perfect the craft and science of postharvest care and handling. This month: Hydrangeas and Hydration!

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Scent Free Leafshine: the Nose Knows!

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leafshineScent sensitivity is a real thing. Sometimes, a scent is simply displeasing. Other times, it triggers reactions in people, from headaches to rashes. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are at least 5,000 fragrances in use in modern products. Maybe we could stand to lose a few? That’s what Floralife customers said, and we responded with new Scent-free Leafshine!

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