Start Your Own Floral Business?

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open signAs we said last time, florists are happy people. And many people dream of owning their own business. So why not open a floral business? What does it take? Whether you are a flower enthusiast looking to “go pro”, a floral business employee looking to go out on your own, or an entrepreneur looking for an investment, here are some numbers to help clarify the picture.

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Florists and Gardeners and Happiness

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lady in gardenIn a report that has been making the rounds in the Floriculture press (you’ll see why) a UK economist and behavioral scientist says he has found the secret to happiness: choosing your job carefully. He has done the research and it turns out that the happiest professions are florist and gardener.

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Floralife Flower Food “Best Overall”

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FF300 bestThe old joke is that there is no such thing as bad press, as long as they spell your name correctly. Sometimes, though, you get truly good press. And when it comes from a respected source, that’s something special! So, imagine our delight when Floralife earned a mention in Fine Gardening Magazine!

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