Florists and Gardeners and Happiness

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lady in gardenIn a report that has been making the rounds in the Floriculture press (you’ll see why) a UK economist and behavioral scientist says he has found the secret to happiness: choosing your job carefully. He has done the research and it turns out that the happiest professions are florist and gardener.

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Surviving Mother’s Day

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mothers day2Floral professionals, are you exhausted yet? You will be – Mother’s Day is one of your biggest weekends of the year!  How do you keep your sanity between now and the moment you click off the “Open” sign on Sunday afternoon? Several floral bloggers have addressed this topic, and we would like to pass their wisdom on to you!
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Vase Life: Who Has the Edge?

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Corby-20121109-00280Depending on their place of origin, your cut flowers have already lived a good portion of their lives by the time they make it to the mantle or dining table. So, when you display your lovely arrangement, the clock is ticking. Which flowers last longest, and which grace us with their beauty for only a short time? Let’s take a look!

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Floralife Promotes Sustainability

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earth dayEarth Day celebrated its 45th birthday this week. Without delving into the politics of the issue, most people agree that resources on our fair planet are limited. We need to be responsible when it comes to using and managing these resources. Promoting Sustainability is the cause these days, and Floralife is proud to pitch in.

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Care and Handling Videos for Floral Pros and Enthusiasts

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christy“Floralife knows that proper care and handling will give you the freshest, healthiest and longest lasting cut flowers.” That’s the opening line of each of Floralife’s recent care and handling videos on YouTube. These videos provide good, basic information on floral care and handling, as well as useful Floralife products to help you get the job done.

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