Express Technology: Research Proves Wider Effectiveness

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express clear labelEarlier this week, we brought you news about Floralife’s Express Technology. Namely, that we have expanded its No Stem Recut awesomeness from rose processing to a wider range of flowers. Now, it’s time to hear about the science behind this development, as well as a list of the many types of flowers we have tested!

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Express Technology: Not Just for Roses Anymore!

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ExpressTechnology_Logo_FA_1.6Back in October, we told you about Floralife’s Express Technology, which eliminates the need to recut rose stems during processing. It’s an exciting new development that has the potential to transform the way we process fresh cut flowers in the floriculture market today. Express Technology is big news, and the news just got even bigger!

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Floralife Express Technology Saves Time & Effort

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express01Would you like to save time and effort when processing roses? Who wouldn’t, right? Where would this these time savings start? How about recutting stems? We know that recutting is an important step to eliminate the blockages that occur naturally at the base of a cut stem, and helps the flower to hydrate more efficiently. Well, Floralife has a new development: Express Technology.

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