Vase Life: Who Has the Edge?

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Corby-20121109-00280Depending on their place of origin, your cut flowers have already lived a good portion of their lives by the time they make it to the mantle or dining table. So, when you display your lovely arrangement, the clock is ticking. Which flowers last longest, and which grace us with their beauty for only a short time? Let’s take a look!

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Harvesting Flowers: A Matter of Timing

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clockThey say that timing is everything. It’s true in life and it’s especially true when it comes to harvesting flowers. Harvest too late, and you can reduce vase life. Harvest too soon, and you have an immature flower that hasn’t had sufficient time to develop, and may never properly bloom. So, how do you know when to harvest flowers?

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Easter Flowers by the Numbers 2015

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lily2 copyAEaster is upon us. If you are a floral professional, you have been gearing your business toward Easter flowers since the dust settled on Valentine’s Day. Your retail space is teeming with Tulips, Chrysanthemums, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Azaleas, Daisies and, of course, Easter Lilies – all in preparation for North America’s 4th-biggest floral holiday of the year.

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Dosing is Critical in Flower Food Solutions

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doseTo really enjoy your cut flowers, it is always a good idea to mix a solution of flower food and water to be used in your vase or arrangement. The strength of that solution matters – too strong or too weak will harm your flowers. For best results, you need to be sure you mix the proper dose.

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