Surviving Mother’s Day

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mothers day2Floral professionals, are you exhausted yet? You will be – Mother’s Day is one of your biggest weekends of the year!  How do you keep your sanity between now and the moment you click off the “Open” sign on Sunday afternoon? Several floral bloggers have addressed this topic, and we would like to pass their wisdom on to you!
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Mother’s Day Flowers by the Numbers 2015

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mothers daySpring celebrations keep coming. Valentine’s Day and Easter/Passover are behind us. Prom season is here. And Mother’s Day – the floral industry’s second-biggest holiday – is only days away. If you are a floral professional, you probably won’t catch a breath between now and May 10th. You will be too busy racking up the statistics listed below!   Read more

Express Yourself Properly with Flower Protocol

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give flowersSpring is in full bloom and flowers are everywhere. It is also a time of flower giving, with Easter and Passover just passed, and Mother’s Day and wedding season ahead. If you plan to give flowers, you could just dash into the store and grab the prettiest ones. Or, you could go old school and let Flower Protocol decide!

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