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Mother’s Day Flowers by the Numbers 2015

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mothers daySpring celebrations keep coming. Valentine’s Day and Easter/Passover are behind us. Prom season is here. And Mother’s Day – the floral industry’s second-biggest holiday – is only days away. If you are a floral professional, you probably won’t catch a breath between now and May 10th. You will be too busy racking up the statistics listed below!

Mother’s Day Flower Stats by the National Retail Federation

  • Holiday rank: #2, behind Christmas/Hanukkah, and just ahead of Valentine’s Day
  • Total spending: $21.2 billion
  • Average amount spent on Mother’s Day: $172.63, up $10 from 2014
  • Total spent on flowers: $2.4 billion
  • Who is buying? 64% men
  • Who is receiving? Mom 56%, spouse or SO 23%, other relative 17%
  • Flower popularity: #2 gift purchased by 67% of givers. Greeting card is #1 at 80%.
  • What are we buying? 45% Fresh flowers, 41% mixed flowers, 33% roses, 10% carnations, 2% orchids, 2% other
  • Plants are popular, as well! Flowering and green houseplants comprise 18% of purchases. Of the flowering varieties, it’s azalea at 12%, African violets 5%, lilies 5% and chrysanthemums at 3%.

So, if you are a floral professional, here’s to success and not going crazy over the next 10 days. If you are a gift giver, happy hunting! And if you are a mom, well, Happy Mother’s Day from Floralife! And remember, whether you receive roses, lilies, mums or bulbs, Floralife has a product to help keep them looking beautiful longer!

Note: Right as we went to press, Prince and Prince, a leader in market research focused on the floral and green plant industries, released their own predictions for Mother’s Day, and some of their numbers differ from the NRF. What do you think? Who’s right?

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