Hydration How-to from Floralife®!

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hydrationHydration… what could be simpler? Of all your many responsibilities around the shop, this one seems pretty straightforward. Well, there’s actually a lot to know about hydration, and the ways that proper hydration can give your flowers a big leg up as they continue their journey to your customer’s home. That’s the takeaway from a recent article Floralife® penned for our friends at Floriology!

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Floral Cooler Care and Maintenance

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Floral cooler

In this edition, a salute to the floral cooler! Every profession has tools it uses to get the job done. Among these, there is usually one tool that you just couldn’t live without. In our world, “there is hardly a single tool more vital to the floral professional’s success, and possibly even survival, than the floral cooler.”

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Bulb Flowers Herald the Coming of Spring!

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bulb flowers

As grim as this winter has been, spring is right around the corner. Of course, for the floral pro, it won’t truly be spring until those first bulb flowers make their way into your shop. To help you get ready, Floralife® has penned another care and handling piece for our friends at Florists’ Review entitled “Bulb Flowers: Preserving the First Smiles of Spring.”

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