Lisianthus Care and Handling

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There’s a bit of mystery surrounding the origins of the lovely Lisianthus. Where did it come from? To which genus does it truly belong? We’ll leave floral forensics to the experts; what’s NOT up for debate is the delicate, long-lasting beauty Lisianthus brings to floral arrangements everywhere. That’s the topic of the latest Floralife® article for LivRio entitled “Lisianthus: A Piece of the Prairie Indoors!”  

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Flower Food: Clear or Non-clear?

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Mixing flower food in a busy shop is just one of your many tasks; other than dosing, you may not give it much thought. Until you look in the vase and see that…white stuff in the water. Last time the water was clear – did I make a mistake? Well, friends, as Floralife® tells you in our latest article for Floriology, clear and non-clear flower food are two different products for different applications – and they both work!

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Consumer Education Equals Credibility and Trust!

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Consumer education is a concept that often gets neglected at the beginning of the buying process. At a time when the potential customer needs answers and guidance, many retailers hit them over the head with the hard sell.  That’s the too-familiar situation Floralife® discusses in a recent article for Florists’ Review entitled “Consumer Education: Establishing Credibility, Earning Trust.”

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