Common Flower Problems: Be Proactive!

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Common flower problems are… common. In a big floral shipment, issues such as such as botrytis, ethylene-related issues, and others are hard to avoid. But if you’re proactive, you CAN keep these problems in check to help ensure (as the Osmond Brothers told us) that “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl.” This is the advice contained in the latest Floralife® article for Florists’ Review: Preventing Common Flower Problems.”

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Spray it with Roses!

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Spray roses are a nice reminder of the versatility of our friend, genus Rosa, family Rosaceae. You may receive a bouquet of lovely, long-stemmed roses that speak of elegance and refinement.  Or, you might receive a bunch of spray roses that is definitely more fun and flirty than its classier cousin.  Similar but different, spray roses come with their own care and handling advice, and this is the topic of the latest Floralife® article for LivRio, “Spray Roses: Good Things Come in Small Packages.”

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The Cold Chain: Learn it, Love it, Live it!

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The Cold Chain – it’s hard to overstate its importance in the world of floral retail. One way to appreciate the contribution the Cold Chain makes to our livelihoods is to learn about all the various stops on a flower’s journey from farm to consumer. That’s the journey Floralife® makes in our latest piece for Florists’ Review, “The Best Floral Care Requires Keeping Cool.” 

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Outdoor Weddings, Canadian Style!

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Canadian outdoor weddings: for the uninitiated, this may conjure an image of building a snowman and pretending he is Parson Brown. Anyway…the season for them may be a bit shorter but outdoor weddings are a popular choice in Canada. And the experienced floral pro knows that wedding flowers need extra care to withstand their day in the sun. That’s the topic of a recent Floralife® article in Canadian Florist: “Outdoor Wedding Flowers that Shine!”

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