Hypericum Casts a Spell!

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Hypericum has grown in popularity as a non-traditional accent flower. In its berry form, it definitely adds a Christmas-y touch to floral arrangements during the holiday season, but is generally available (and popular!) year-round. Hypericum’s impact, however, goes beyond mere dramatic flair; for centuries it has been renowned for its healing powers in scientific AND superstitious circles. That’s the journey FloraLife and LivRio take in our latest piece, “Hypericum: The Spiritual Protector.”

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Timely Flower Opening is Stress-Reducing!

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Flower opening in time for the big event… Will it happen? Can I (safely) nudge them along? Flower opening is a big concern – and a leading cause of stress in the floral realm.  There’s a lot of folk wisdom on the topic, for better or worse. Fortunately, there is also reliable care and handling science, and this is the topic of the latest Floralife® article for Florists’ Review entitled “Tips to Expedite Fresh Flower Opening.”

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Stock Flower: The Smell of Success

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The versatile Stock flower has something that its friends in the floral cooler don’t: natural floral scent! “In a cut flower world that breeds for visual appeal and longevity over floral aroma, the plucky little Stock flower is a sweetly-scented exception.” And that’s the jumping-off point for a recent article Floralife® wrote for LivRio, entitled “Stock: An Aromatic Treat for the Senses.”

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