Chrysanthemum: Pushing Back the Winter!

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Whether you call it Chrysanthemum, Mum, or Pompon, this bright, bouncy bloom has a special place in the heart of the cut flower or gardening enthusiast. It’s often one of the last blooms standing as winter’s gloom gathers. If you’re making a brave last stand for floral beauty, you’ll want to keep those mums looking good and lasting long. Floralife and LivRio have the care and handling info you need in “Chrysanthemums: Humble Yet Mighty!”

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Scabious: Frilly and Fun!

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Scabiosa, or Scabious, may be delicate-looking but it’s actually a tough little survivor. It is native to several rugged terrains across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Scabious heads are not single flowers, but rather a collection of small florets arranged in a sort of spiky ball. Likely, this is the origin of its (definitely) more inviting name, Pincushion Flower. Which is the topic of Floralife’s aptly-titled piece, “Scabiosa – the Pincushion Flower” in this month’s LivRio!

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Matsumoto Aster Takes the Cuteness Crown!

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The crown-like Matsumoto Aster adds a touch of playful whimsy to any bouquet. It’s known for its daisy-like heads full of soft purple, pink, red, or white florets that coyly reveal cheerful yellow centers as they open. In other words, it’s CUTE! Or as they say in Japan, “kawaii.”  And it’s the topic of the latest Floralife® article in LivRio: “Matsumoto Aster – the Kawaii Flower!”

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Birds of Paradise Bring the Drama!

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Birds of Paradise often come to mind whenever floral pros or enthusiasts are in the mood for “something different.” Hopefully, they aren’t SO different that their care and handling needs are foreign to you! But, if that’s the case, Floralife® invites you to check out an article we wrote for LivRio entitled “Birds of Paradise: Beauty and Drama Take Flight!”

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Stock Flower: The Smell of Success

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The versatile Stock flower has something that its friends in the floral cooler don’t: natural floral scent! “In a cut flower world that breeds for visual appeal and longevity over floral aroma, the plucky little Stock flower is a sweetly-scented exception.” And that’s the jumping-off point for a recent article Floralife® wrote for LivRio, entitled “Stock: An Aromatic Treat for the Senses.”

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