Floral Departments Abloom in Valentine Roses!

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and floral departments are getting ready for the rush. Getting all those gorgeous stems from the farm into the hands of their Valentine’s Day recipients takes superior care and handling, especially with the extended shipping and storage period needed to meet increased demand. And that superior care and handling is the topic of our latest for Super Floral: Post-harvest Valentine’s Day Tips For Longer Lasting Roses.

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More Valentine’s Care & Handling Tips!

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It’s a Valentine’s Day flower truth that bears repeating: the long and bumpy road from farm to home can get longer and bumpier this time of year as the supply chain scrambles to meet demand. So the typical care and handling steps you apply to your roses are that much more important! That’s the gist of our latest article for Floriology, the aptly named “Valentine’s Day Rose Care and Handling.”

Valentine’s Day Fun Floral Facts!

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Valentine’s Day 2018 is shaping up nicely for our American floral friends, according to the SAF. They have compiled a list of good reports from various surveys done by the National Retail Federation, SAF and Prince & Prince. Overall, the outlook is for near record spending , with reaching it’s second-highest level since SAF started their Valentine’s Day survey 15 years ago.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Flowers!

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vday02…don’t bash them! Of course, Valentine’s Day is a huge floral holiday. And what floral holiday would be complete without flower bashing by everybody who isn’t selling flowers!? “Flowers die. Give her _____ instead,” and so on. As usual, the Society of American Florists is on the case, documenting the abuses against Valentine’s Day flowers. And this year, there’s a social media twist!

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